оценка крупных предприятий

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“APPRAISAL OF BIG ENTERPRISES”, Ltd (OKP) is an independent Russian company offering high-quality services in the area of appraisal, consulting, audit and creation of highly intelligent information analysis and control systems for large enterprises.

We are staffed with graduates from  the world-class Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).

CEO - Trishin Vitaly Nikolaevich.

Active member of the International Informatization Academy, international affiliate of the Appraisal Institute (Chicago), Ph.D. in physics and mathematics, a certified RSA appraiser. In collaboration with Shatrov M.V. (Ph.D. in computer sciences) he has created the Appraiser Support Info System - ASIS®, RosAPO certificate No. 960056 February 6, 1996.

Dictionary synonyms database of ASIS system which includes 655 thousand words and 2 383 thousand synonymic, quasisynonymic, vertical (paradigmatic) connections is the biggest Russian language dictionary.

Our company is a sole owner of a right on the ASIS® which is designed for processing massive arrays of information, enables for the fastest possible and highest-quality solutions of various appraisal-related problems. More than 50 largest Russian and foreign companies have already benefited from this system.  

OKP offers you the following services:

  • Appraisal of a market value of any type of assets:
    - real estate;
    - construction (in process);
    - machinery and equipment;
    - mortgaged property;
    - property for insurance;
    - business;
    - securities;
    - brand value;
    - intellectual property;
    - shares in the authorized stock;
    - land (including the cost of mineral deposits and resources).
  • Audit of fixed assets accounting based on the appraisal information with the purpose of taxes optimization. As seen from our practice, a large number of companies mistakenly overpay their taxes for income and property because their accountants have a poor knowledge of laws in this area.
  • Multiple-aspect re-valuation of fixed assets and taxes optimization.
  • Express-appraisal.
  • Appraisal of investment projects.
  • Economic inventory of fixed assets and analysis of their most effective use.
  • Creation of a uniform computer database for inventory accounting of fixed and other assets within a large company. This system will serve as guidance for the tool of analysis and forecasting of various indexes of a company.
  • Mid-term forecasting of capital markets condition and main currencies exchange rates.
  • Expert opinions on comparative returns and reliability of investments.
  • Systems analysis and forecast for the specific segments of the market, finding the growth points and evaluation of saturation levels.
  • Development of investment strategy, tactics and ways of their realization under defined constraints.